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Originally Posted by manson1972 View Post
You know poor people who go to a clinic, and the doctor there tells them "you have diabetes" and then there is no follow up or anything?
Or very poor follow up. Yes.

If you don't have insurance AND money in the US you're shit out of luck unless you are actively dying. Then you go to the ER - but the ER doesn't do follow-up.

So... one possible scenario is that a person doesn't know they have diabetes. They get sick enough to wind up in the ER. The ER figures out they're diabetic. They'll give them insulin and whatever else is needed to get them out of "actively dying" then tell them to follow up with a doctor. If they don't have a regular doctor then the ER will make a referral... but that still leaves the problem of how to pay for that appointment and the subsequent medications, and that's without considering potential problems with transportation or getting time off work or whatever.