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Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
Well yes it does. It means I didn't get this quote "from the frothing batshit insane wing of the party," in your words. I got it from a news reporter at one of the more reliable news outlets. So a guy was an elector for Nader when he'd just turned 19, and apparently for you, that is what defines him 19 years later.

I think that says WAY more about you than it does about him.
Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
Whatever he was at 19, he seems to have been since then a mixture of libertarian and moderate Republican from the days when there were moderate Republicans.

It's clear that asahi's implication that he's one of those too-liberal-to-vote-Democratic types is total bullshit.
Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
In that case then he should be subject to disciplinary action.

And obviously that policy is worth as much as I'd suspect it would be worth.
I know I'm coming into this late (hey, I had a busy weekend) but in reading over this thread, I've gotten back, at least in part, asahi and DSeid on this. Weigel, at the very least, severely misinterpreted Biden's words. And by that, I mean on the order of misinterpreting the phrase "He was bent on seeing her," not to mean "He was eager to see her" but as "The sight of her doubled him up!"

For better or worse, journalists still have hella power in this country, and one of them tweeting something about a presidential candidate carries a lot more weight than, say, a Doper. If the Post does indeed have such a policy, they need to have a come-to-Jesus with Weigel, and I mean yesterday. The mainstream press already has major credibility problems with a large portion of the public they ostensibly serve; now is not the time to dig the hole any deeper.

(Sorry if this is all obvious stuff. I have only half a cup of coffee in me.)
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