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Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
How Uncle Joe's mad negotiating skillz gave away the expiration of the Bush tax cuts.

I remember this from the time (end of 2012), other than the inside stuff of course. All the Dems had to do was let the Bush tax cuts expire, and then they'd be in a position of strength, in a position to offer their own set of tax cuts, focused on the middle class and the poor, but putting the rich pretty much back where they were in 2000. Plenty of outside observers saw this; I can't take credit for any special insights.

Unsurprisingly, Harry Reid saw it too:

And somehow the Democrats blew it again. What happened?

I wondered at the time how the Dems managed to fuck that one up. Didn't wonder about it indefinitely, because of course the GOP's response to the Dems' caving was to force further fiscal emergencies, like the debt ceiling crisis in the summer of 2013.
Ryan Grim? The same Ryan Grim who arrogantly refused to believe that Trump could win and accused Nate Silver of putting his thumb on the scales to make a an already-decided presidential election more interesting? That Ryan Grim who days later got totally owned and was forced to apologize and admit he had no fucking clue what he was talking about? Ryan Grim has a history of writing left wing rage porn, so color me unimpressed.

The backside to that story is that before that, Joe Biden was the outgoing senator who was able to convince Susan Collins and Arlen Specter to break a filibuster so that Barack Obama could get one of his signature pieces of legislation -- the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act -- done, which by the way is pretty much one of the reasons why we started to recover and why we've had 9 years of sustained economic growth. Biden also got Specter (who became disgusted with the politics of intransigence and later became a moderate Democrat) to support the ACA.

Look, you can pick Joe Biden's record as a progressive apart if you wish, but what are other senators going to do to actually persuade other senators and reps to occasionally join them when there's a tight vote? Moreover, don't forget that some Democrats come from moderate or even fairly conservative districts. How would Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren deal with that - tell them to leave the party? That probably won't end well.