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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
Thank you, RTFirefly, for relating that story. I was unaware of it. It does increase my misgivings about Biden.
You're welcome!

I'm thinking about what might be reasonable criteria to demonstrate Biden's negotiating skills. The legislation would have to be legislation that Democrats wanted more badly than Republicans, that liberals wanted more badly than conservatives or segregationist Dixiecrats. Because it's easy to negotiate with the other side to give them what they want more than you do.

So anti-busing legislation wouldn't count. Nor would tough-on-crime legislation.

I agree with asahi that the ARRA counts. But to rephrase what I've already said, ARRA came up under the worst imaginable circumstances for Republicans to say 'no', but all but three of them did exactly that, despite Biden's amazing skills at persuasion.

So IMHO, three is probably about the maximum number of Republicans that can be persuaded by Biden under ideal circumstances. Maybe four, by some fluke. But five is right out - and if we still have the filibuster, Biden's going to need to persuade eight or ten Republicans.

This is why the filibuster has to go. And there's a LOT of resistance to that among Senate Democrats. I just don't see it happening unless the Democratic nominee is an aggressive advocate of killing the filibuster.