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I just got caught up over the weekend and boy am I disappointed.

- Let's jump on this spaceship headed for earth with unknown space lady without asking any questions about who, what, when, where or why she is going to earth. Brilliant!
- Evil alien bird parasites are trying to meet up with each other to carry out some unknown nefarious plan. Hey, why don't we just swoop down, capture them and put them together in the same room? That sounds like a smart idea!
- Mac trying to have a battle of wits with NotCoulson by telling him everything SHIELD knows and all of their future plans. Yeah, that will totally work!
- The only funny part over the last few episodes was Mac hugging Fitz like he was his favorite toy.

What the hell happened to all of my cool SHIELD people? No interesting plot line(s), no interesting villains, no witty rejoinders...It's like they beat everyone over the head with the stupid stick just to make the plot move forward.

If this is what I can expect moving forward I think I'm going to pretend they ended the series last year.

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