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Originally Posted by CAH66 View Post
the very calculated and pointed showing of disrespect.
If you can't be dissuaded from your certainty that it was disrespect rather than the precise opposite, then this discussion cannot be resolved. There really are those of us who think honestly recognizing our country's faults and wanting to fix them is more patriotic than coerced acts of jingoistic ritualism. You don't have to agree, but it would help you to say so.

Do you really think I, or a lot of the others who don't like CK's kneeling, would have approved of it if it had been Peyton Manning?
A white man would not have had reason to do it, would he? Do you really think you know Kaepernick's reasons? The fact that you're asking that question indicates that you do not.

I just don't like it, and I'm trying to illustrate why.
Yet you won't tell us what he could have done that you would approve of. Perhaps you just don't like being shown that we need to do better, that we need more commitment from our citizens than going through the ritual motions and calling that patriotism?

I am far more offended by the snide, casual accusations of bigotry for anyone who feels the same.
You're offering only offense, not explanation. That's an avoidance tactic.

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