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With the body of work both have acquired since the beginnings of their careers it may sound silly, but at one time Michael Keaton and Tom Hanks were completely indistinguishable to me. They were both dark haired over the top comedic actors who had never been dark or serious at all. They were both often cast as quirky, scenery chewing leading men whom were appealing for their charming antics.

For those who saw them when originally released, without looking it up can you say which actor was in BACHELOR PARTY? How about GUNG HO, or NIGHT SHIFT? Try to remember THE MONEY PIT or MR.MOM (that one is easier for me by then I was beginning to see the difference). Was either of them in DRAGNET? If so which one? Which one had reoccurring roles in established TV sitcoms? (Of course they both did.) Which was the lead or co-lead in a TV show?

Even if you know which guy played each role, could you picture the other guy playing that role? Would it change the picture at all?

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