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Originally Posted by Sailboat View Post
Everybody's picking on the writers having Yo-yo fail to stop the Shrike, but it's even stupider than has been described, if that's possible. Leaving self-sacrifice aside for the moment, there's really only one personal fear that would stop her from grabbing the Shrike at super-speed: fear of somehow getting infected herself by touching it. A valid fear for everyone on the show -- unless you have metal hands.

And yes, I would expect every role-playing group I've ever known to immediately reject the idea of putting the two monsters desperately traveling toward each other in the same room together.
In the finale it's even worse - a Shrike goes down her own threat, and she doesn't bother to try to pull it out, or superspeed away from it first, or anything. So very speedy, but terrible reaction time.

Originally Posted by AK84 View Post
So, no Snap?
Nope. Not even a hint. And it looks like next season is set in the future, just dystopian instead of apocalyptic.