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It seemed like the creators were really in the groove with Season 4 being broken up into definite plot arcs, and Season 5, while it took a bit to get going, ended strong (and I think would've served great as a series finale). So I had some high hopes for this one, especially since it seemed to have a good setup - one half of the group in space finding Fitz (and Enoch), the other half on Earth dealing with Izel, and coming up with a good reason to keep Clark Gregg on the show without cheapening Coulson's (second) death.

Turned out to not be bad, but not great either. The writing was uneven (episode 3 with Daisy/Simmons' trip was pretty bad) and the ending felt a bit... abrupt? The sudden re-entry of the Chronicoms into the plot in the final few episodes came and went too quickly, and the actual resolution of the Izel threat was definitely too easy (they win because... Izel turns her back on May and gets stabbed? Did I miss a reason why she did that?) At least they ended up offing Coulson; I was really worried in the last few episodes they would use it as a way to bring him back (possibly with a season-long plotline of him regaining his memories). Having an LMD Coulson for next season is a much better move, I think, since I really want to avoid them undoing his death.

I kinda wish they had been able to keep at least one of Sarge's crew around... Jaco would've fit in well. I definitely agree that Sarge & crew were much more interesting than Izel.

We'll see how next season goes, I can't say the setting (late 1920s) is especially exciting to me. Helps cut down on the set costs, I suppose. Simmons was talking really weird at the end - I started wondering if she and Fitz got turned into Chronicoms or something. (Did we see Deke at all after he landed the quinjet?)

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