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Originally Posted by Boycott View Post

In line with Rush Limbaugh stating "nobody is a fiscal conservative anymore" recently, is it fair to suggest the Tea Party movement was never about the debt, fiscal conservatism is a myth and the GOP will do a total u-turn once a Democrat is in the Oval Office again?
Rush is correct about the "no fiscal conservatives" part, and certainly the GOP will flip if and when a Democrat is in the White House. Trouble is that Rush is correct about the "no fiscal conservatives" part, because so will the Dems. All spending bills originate in the House of Representatives - refresh my memory, which party controls that House?

And Trump meant exactly as much by his pledge as previous Presidents meant by theirs.

The deficit is inexcusably high, and there is no better time to address it than now. Years ago would have been better. It needs to be addressed with spending cuts, and tax increases, in a roughly 2:1 ratio. Republicans will not cut military spending, Democrats will not cut anything else, neither party will increase taxes (see the Bush era tax cut expiration), and everything else is political posturing.

We should care about this. Both parties should be just as up in arms now as they were when a member of the other party was in the White House. But politicians don't get re-elected by cutting spending.