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Originally Posted by DinoR View Post
They didn't.

The NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) for 2020 is still in process. There are differences in the House and Senate bills to be resolved in conference committee. (Cite)

There was an agreement to exceed Budget Control Act limits for DOD and other authorizations. That included an agreement on what the total DOD number will be. That DOD topline is 738 million in both bills. DOD requested 750 million. That's 1.2 trillion cents more than they are probably getting(Cite and Cite)

...and now back to the OP after the detour for accuracy.
In the context of the thread, this is rather pointless nitpicking.

First of all, Will Farnaby said that the Dems agreed to give the Pentagon every cent they asked for, which is actually pretty much what happened. As this story notes, officials at the Pentagon had been planning for the $733B figure, and talks of more than this were actually "a welcome surprise to military planners."
While not a huge leap, the figure is more of an increase than budget planners initially expected, reflecting growth of 4.7 percent over last year’s top line. Defense officials had been planning for a $733 billion overall national defense budget, which would have been an increase of 2.4 percent over last year’s $716 billion top line.
So the figure that Dems have agreed to is basically the figure that military officials were counting on, and your correction of Will Farnaby is, at best, a rather semantic one, and depends on exactly whom you define as "Trump's Pentagon." If it's the military planners themselves, he is correct; if it's Mick Mulvaney, then you are. Tomato, tomahto.

But much more importantly, his central point stands: in the face of growing deficits and a massive national debt, the best that Democrats and Republicans can do is tinker around the edges, bickering about exactly how many more billions the Pentagon should be getting, when what they should be talking about is significantly scaling back military spending.