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Originally Posted by mhendo View Post
Like I said in my post, it depends how you define "Trump's Pentagon."

As my story notes, the military leaders in the Pentagon were all set at $733 billion, but Mulvaney (presumably after some DoD types got in his ear) convinced Trump that it should be $750 billion.
But the Pentagon doesnít just decide on its own what size budget it wants to plan for. Thatís decided by the Office of Management and Budget in the White House. So what actually happened was:

1. In 2018, OMB told DoD to plan for $733 billion.
2. Around fall 2018, Trump tweeted that we spend too much on the military and the budget should be $700 billion. (Iím not making this up.)
3. OMB shit their pants and told DoD to now plan for $700 billion. Other trousers were then soiled.
4. A few months went by, and minds changed again, and this time the number was decreed to be $750 billion.

At no point does DoD decide how much money it is going to ask for - this is all determined by OMB (and half the time directed by law.)