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The Final Cut is the worst aspects of Waters. it's all anger with no balance from Gilmour to tone it down, to bring it back to listenability. DSotM is saying the same thing (I hate the world because it killed my daddy!) but it does it so much better.

DSOtM is subtle. TFC is "fuck you Reagan and Thatcher!". But The Gunner's Dream is up there as one of their best songs ever, and the title song is one of my personal favorites. Not Now John isan OK song, but it is just Waters being angry again, this time about the film version of The Wall.

I always thought AMLoR was Pink Floyd lite. No Roger anger, but no Roger talent, either. The Division Bell to me is the best post-Waters Floyd. It sounds almost like a PF album. What Do You Want From Me and Keep Talking are just about indistinguishable from their best earlier stuff.

But then, I love Gilmour's first solo album, and hated all of Waters', so take that for what it's worth.