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Originally Posted by Smid View Post
Van Halen after Dave Lee Roth left.
Seconded. Wouldn't catch no DLR screeching out no stinkin' loooourrvve ballad. Band went from streety scroggin & fightin to … whatever poseur crap Hagar drones on about. Barph.
Originally Posted by AHunter3 View Post
[continuation of hijack-in-progress]

As a long-term Pink Floyd fan, I am amazed at the outpouring of love for The Final Cut. I rank it absolutely dead last of all the Pink Floyd albums, finding it unlistenable for the most part. Be that as it may, it's not because the loss of Roger Waters wasn't a near-mortal blow for Pink Floyd; it was. But Waters by himself, without the chemical balance of Gilmour and the others, wasn't up to Pink Floyd standards either (and certainly not on TFC). I love The Wall, also, btw. Somehow the pain and misery in that works, and works powerfully, with beautiful and delicate and soul-gripping angst, whereas in the subsequent Final Cut it comes across and petulant and polemical. (The only track on the whole album I can bear to listen to is the short but moving "One of the Few")[/hijack cont.]
If you haven't already, check out Nick Mason's Fictitious Sports album. When Syd left, Nick took over as the voice of surrealism in the band. Gilmour is a guitar master and would probably be totally comfortable in a society in which folks communicate with strings rather than voices--Simply magical, etc. gush, etc.--but very, very Serious. The Damned wanted Syd to produce their second album because they wanted to move in a more psychedelic direction. Pink Floyd's management advised them, "Syd isn't well (he's back at the hotel). But here's good old David Gilmour. He'll give your record what it needs." Despite the first 7 seconds of the album sounding exactly like the first 7 seconds of Interstellar Overdrive, The Damned were not entirely thrilled with the experience. I can totally see Mason & Gilmour constantly checking each others' more over the top self indulgences (Gilmour's work in Berlin's Pink & Velvet is allegedly a tiny snippet of a heavenly hour long rambling solo he gifted to Berlin to use as they saw fit in the song). Evidently, they are ALL given to navel gazing, and they failed to check Waters before he managed to crawl all the way into his own backside and get lost in The Final Crack Cut

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