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Only one data point, but due to the large number of poultry processing plants located there, Gainesville, GA is known as the "Poultry capital of the world". That industry accounts for 6 of the top 10 employers and employs about 25% of the city population. The population of Gainesville, Ga, according to the US Census Bureau, is 40% Hispanic/Latino. Hall County, where Gainesville is located, has a Hispanic/Latino population of 29%. The State of Georgia as a whole has a Hipanic/Latino population of 10%. There is no data to show how long those who identify as Hispanic/Latino have been in the country or their immigration status, but the processing plants in the area live in constant dread of ICE raids. The work is hard, repetitive, relentless and messy (think blood and guts on the floor and the harsh chemicals needed to clean that up). The rate of reported occupational illness is 5 times greater than other US workers, the rate of repetitive strain injuries is 10 tomes that of other workers.

Make of that what you will, but it seems to support the assertion that Americans "flock" away from poultry processing jobs and the void is filled by immigrants, legal or otherwise.

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