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I got the BluRay earlier this week.

It was more surprising to me hear Ira Behr say that Garak was "obviously gay" and they'd chickened out on writing him that way. I feel like I've been vindicated at last. Andy Robinson has been saying so for years; he was always encouraging to us fangirls who wrote Garak/Bashir slash stories, which is one of the reasons I continue to love him when I've long ceased to care about other actors I was fond of back in the '90s.

Another thing I found funny: Nana Visitor and Terry Farrell are talking to Ira Steven Behr. Nana remembers being really upset about a story idea that was once floated about Major Kira and Gul Dukat having an affair.

Ira protests that it was never more than an idea, and anyway it got rewritten and changed into that episode where Kira goes back in time and discovers that her mother, whom she had always thought died in a Cardassian labor camp, had been Dukat's concubine.

Nana then says that, if they hadn't set up the romance with Odo, she could see Kira having an affair with some Cardassian... but "NOT Marc Alaimo. Dukat! I meant Dukat!"

Ira, Terry, and people off camera crack up.
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