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Originally Posted by Rilchiam View Post
Scougs, there's a loophole on shirts for the current tour too. One woman we saw before the show at the restaurant was wearing a shirt from this tour, indicating that she'd already seen Maiden in a nearby city, and was now seeing them again. That would go along with the "Why shouldn't I show my fanship?" reasoning.
I agree with your loophole. Two years ago I was at the Rogers Waters "Us and Them" tour in Philadelphia. Last summer the tour came to the UK and I went to Glasgow both nights. One night I wore my Us and Them T shirt from Philly - yes, it was for the same tour, except it had "2017" on the back, and it was a design of shirt that they weren't selling in Glasgow. Bonus cool points.

The other night I wore my "The Wall Live" T shirt from May 2011.

Speaking of which, at The Wall Live in 2011, I spotted someone in a T Shirt from Pink Floyd The Wall at Earl's Court in 1981. She lost cool points by having to confess she'd been given it to wear, and wasn't actually there. (My shirt from 1981 is long gone, and a size I would be completely unable to wear now anyway........).