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Originally Posted by pulykamell View Post
I must've missed it in a post, but scanning through the thread twice, I can't find it. What is PCH? (All I know it as is Pacific Coast Highway.)
It's a typo for PCU which is the movie the "Don't be that guy" quote (with link) in post #26 is from.

First concert I went to was Cheap Trick. There was a guy wearing a Police shirt and my first thought was it was kind of insulting to wear a shirt for a different band (not that I got too worked up about it, I am sure the band didn't care). I never heard the "rule" until someone mentioned that scene from the movie. I think it comes from that same kind of cynicism and concern for being "cool" that has to mock other people for feeling real joy and enthusiasm for something.

I would wear a shirt for the band I was seeing.

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