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I'm curious as to why some people care about this
Originally Posted by silenus View Post
Are you new here? Why does anybody care about 90% of what we talk about? Why do you care that other people care?
This site's slogan has to do with fighting ignorance. Wondering why something is so is part of a fight against ignorance. The idea that personal preferences are things that just mysteriously manifest themselves and cannot be questioned is bunk.

Preferences have origins and reasons. I want to know why the people who care about what's on their or other people's T-shirts at a concert have preferences, why do they care.

I often ask why people care about something or prefer something (or not). It opens doors into other people's minds. I learn about different ways of looking at things, which means I can sometimes see things differently.

Preferences are also not set in stone. Thinking and talking about them can result in changing them too.
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