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Based on the sheer volume of b5 material in the Hope Hicks interview (ending page 86), I think we either need to assume that she's flipped on someone or that she's in legal peril.

The matters that seem to be being discussed, in the small amount of non-redacted text, seem relatively benign - just discussions of how to spin doctor stuff. Spin doctoring is not a crime. Nothing that the text shows would lead one to believe that the redacted materials would cover anything other than more of that.

A month or two back, I believe, I saw an article saying that Hicks was trying to get back into the White House as an employee. That makes it unlikely that she has flipped on Trump or anyone who Trump still likes.

Based on the above, my guess would be that she lied to the Feds in her testimony and she's involved in legal proceedings on that front. Her testimony is all redacted because the entire testimony is considered a crime. The gaps only exist because they were already made public in the Mueller Report.

That she hasn't been accepted back into the White House makes me suspect that they don't think she's going to be around long enough to be worth taking in - i.e. she's not likely to win her case and might just use her access to gain something that she can use to trade with the Feds.