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Originally Posted by Tabby_Cat View Post
Apologies, but aren't interrogs different from discovery? Or are the UK and US systems different?

I was under the impression that answers to interrogs (and indeed lists of documents) would need to be filed in Court, if not for anything else then for the reason that they rightly form part of the Court Documents and should be placed on public record. What would be the point of an off-the-record affidavit?

Of course, I am not a US lawyer, and will defer to any lawyer who knows what's up (i.e. not me), but if there were no requirement for lists of documents or interrogs or further & better particulars to be filed in Court, I would be quite surprised... I'm genuinely curious.
Interrogatories are part of discovery but discovery isn't filed in the Courthouse. You wouldn't file your Responses to Document Production Requests either. The Court doesn't care to the extent that a Motion to Compel isn't required. If you have some pleading that references it, then you file the necessary discovery as an exhibit to the pleading.
IAAL but I am not your lawyer, you are not my client. This is not legal advice. I am not licensed in your state, I may not even know where your state is. Go see a lawyer in your state.

Taking advice from a stranger over the internet is not a good idea. To the best of your knowledge, I could be a monkey randomly hitting keys in the right order in while flinging excrement at his handlers.