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Originally Posted by Werekoala View Post
You know why those people were probably freaked out? 1.5 months of 24-7 hysteria-inducing hype, especially and particularly about that type of gun. You can't get away from it in the news, no matter your source, so everyone is hyper-sensative to an AR-15. I'd be willing to bet most of those people didn't even know what one WAS before this all started.
I doubt anyone at the store knew or cared that it was specifically an AR-15. Everyone knows what a military style rifle looks like, it doesn't matter the model number, and that's what caused the fear and the ensuing police situation, not media coverage of Sandy Hook. This guy did something that, while technically legal, scared the crap out of the people in that store and caused the police to get involved only increasing the stress and fear of the situation. He caused this to happen and you are blaming the media for the people being scared of a guy with a big gun walking into a store? No matter what part of my life we're talking about, if a guy walked into the store I was in carrying a military looking rifle over his shoulder, I'm probably gonna freak out a little and be scared. This has nothing to do with the media coverage of Sandy Hook, or that it was specifically an AR-15. This is an idiot waving his big gun in everyone's face to try to prove some point about how he should have the right to wave his big gun in everyone's face and its their fault and the media's fault if they get scared.

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