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Question from non-American: is baseball popular (or indeed, existent) in the South?

I'm from the Old World not the New, and my interest in sports is all but zero; however, something was brought to mind for me by current exchanges in MPSIMS, about Abner Doubleday and baseball. Things may be additionally clouded for me, by Harry Turtledove's alternative-history series where the Confederacy wins the Civil War in 1862, and successfully secedes. Please could folk enlighten me, as to the real world: does baseball thrive and have a big following in the south-eastern USA -- the area of the former Confederate States; or -- long memories and all that -- is it disliked there (a "Yankee" sport etc. etc.), thus "happening" there little or not at all?

(In Turtledove's "Southern Victory" universe, baseball is always a rather weird "niche" sport confined strictly to New England -- everywhere else in the USA and CSA, American football reigns sole and supreme; with detail differences in rules, between the two nations.)