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1960s Child Actors (mostly)

Butch Patrick
Lisa Loring
Erin Murphy
Melissa Gilbert
Johnny Whitaker
Eve Plumb
Maureen McCormick
Billy Mumy
Larry Mathews
Angela Cartwright
Jay North
Ron Howard
Clint Howard


Kurt Russell
Scott Baio

Butch Patrick – Munsters
Lisa Loring – Addams Family
Erin Murphy – Bewitched
Melissa Gilbert – Little House on the Prairie
Johnny Whitaker – Family Affair
Eve Plumb – Brady Bunch
Maureen McCormick – Brady Bunch
Billy Mumy – Lost in Space
Larry Mathews – Dyck Van Dyke Show
Angela Cartwright – Make Way for Daddy / Lost in Space
Jay North – Dennis the Menace
Ron Howard – Andy Griffith Show
Clint Howard – Andy Griffith Show, and others