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Originally Posted by Lamoral View Post
My dad suggested that I watch Justified because I liked Deadwood and The Shield. Well, I'm 4 episodes into it and I see no similarities at all with those shows other than that two of the same actors are in it. Justified seems like a lightweight series in comparison, like a throwback to the cheesy cop shows on network TV from the early 90s that I can vaguely remember watching as a kid. The main character is one-dimensional and the supporting cast are all C-list players. There's just...nothing compelling there, that I can discern.
That is exactly how I felt in a nutshell. I kept asking myself "Why am I watching this when I could be watching an old episode of Simon & Simon?"

P.S. The appeal of the show Terriers escaped me as well, although I ended up watching all 13 episodes.

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