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Originally Posted by ExTank View Post
The S1 of Justified is fairly episodic with a light arc welded onto it. It's essentially bits-and-pieces of Elmore Leonard strung together.

S2+ get much better (but I thought S1 was still pretty good). It's Elmore Leonard-based material. If you don't like Elmore Leonard, then it might not be for you.
I've read 3 or 4 Elmore Leonard novels, and man, I just cannot get his appeal. But Justified is one of my all-time favorite shows.

And everyone is right: go ahead and skip to Season 2. Mags is a wonderful villain, almost as good as Boyd Crowder becomes.

As the show goes on, the dialog becomes better, too. Olyphant never really showed off his comic chops on Deadwood (IIRC), but they start coming out in this show, and by the time he shows up in Santa Clarita Diet, he's one of the funniest actors around. The repartee in Justified between Olyphant and his boss, or between him and Boyd Crowder, left me giggling a lot.