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Originally Posted by Slow Moving Vehicle View Post
Previous IQs:

IQ1: Were you the wife of a writer, and one half of a famous Guilded Age couple? - Correct.

IQ2: Were you a minor Hebrew prophet? (two acceptable answers) - Correct.

IQ3: Are you a movie director, famous/notorious for your use of slo-mo and over-the-top violence? - Zack Snyder, of 300 fame.

New IQs:

IQ1: Were you an African warlord who faced off against Julius Caesar in an Epic Rap Battle of History?

IQ2: Is “Parsi” the name for Indian adherents of the religion you founded?

IQ3: Was the alternate form of the name of IQ2 part of the title of a tone poem by Richard Strauss, and a philosophical novel by Friedrich Nietzsche?

DQ1: Female?
I'm guessing 1 is Zulu, and 3 is definitely Zarathustra, take a DQ on 2, and 1 if it's the incorrect answer.