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Originally Posted by Slow Moving Vehicle View Post
Previous IQs:

IQ1: Were you an African warlord who faced off against Julius Caesar in an Epic Rap Battle of History? - Hmm. I'll say "correct". Shaka Zulu.

IQ2: Is “Parsi” the name for Indian adherents of the religion you founded? - Zoroaster, also known as...

IQ3: Was the alternate form of the name of IQ2 part of the title of a tone poem by Richard Strauss, and a philosophical novel by Friedrich Nietzsche? - Correct, Zarathustra

IQ1: Did you found a cymbal company in the 17th century, which is still manufacturing cymbals today, making it one of the oldest companies in the world? (Surname will suffice).

IQ2: Were you the German Foreign Secretary whose telegram to Mexico, offering an alliance against the United States if the US entered World War I on the Allied side, was intercepted and decyphered and indeed caused the US to go to war against Germany?

IQ3: Were you the founder of the Stoic school?

DQ1: Died before 2000?
I'm thinking Zinfar for 1, take 2 or 3 DQs.