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The MotW: The Midnight Swim.

Three sisters reunite after the death of their mother. Starring nobody you've heard of. (Unless the actress who played Angela Darmody on Boardwalk Empire counts.)

Lots of rebirth and such references.

Shot in fake documentary style. One of the sisters is supposedly filming it.

Ergo, lots of the usual crap: shaky cam, poor framing, pointlessly long static shots, etc. Plus the usual implausible right-place/right-time stuff. If I had known about this going in, I would not have watched it. I'm really, really sick of this.

Long, drawn out, pointless. Not worth it. I thought 91% at RT would ensure that it wouldn't be all that bad. (Although that's a small number of critics: 11.) I'm getting really disappointed at RT. Not just the numbers, but I've been checking into sample reviews to make sure a movie is not a secret dud. Definitely picked the wrong ones here.

Our MotW the previous week as Inside Out, btw. Review here.