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As a parent of a currently 8 year old girl who uses an IPad and ASL to communicate with those around her I can assure you she isn't MR. The rocking back and forth, the flapping of the arms, are unmistakable. And I can say without a doubt, vaccines did not cause her autism. I don't know wtf did, but she regressed before her MMR.

I am very vocal against the anti vaccine crowd as well, and try to fight the fear they spread with the real world fears we will all face if more people start listening to the crazies.

I will withhold judgement on your stand on autism until I read your book. I have had other parents talk to me on a playground about their "autistic" child. Who I observe interacting with the other kids, running over and talking to their mom. All normal like.... and it bugs me... but I also know from everything I have heard around me, from my daughters teachers to therapists to family.... it seems to be growing.