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Congratulations! Would you like share any details? Did Tonka and Creamsicle participate?
Details? OK...

There's this girl, right? And we got married!

Seriously, let me see... We've known each other since high school. She lived across the street and two doors down from me. She got married, got divorced, joined the Army and flew Black Hawks in Iraq during the Gulf War, a couple more marriages, a couple more divorces... But she visited my dad whenever she was in town, and I visited her dad whenever I was in town. Lost touch for a while, until she sent me a letter after my dad died. I guess a year later I helped her out when her dad died. Just as I moved to Washington, she moved from Washington to Tennessee. She came back to the West Coast to get her nurse's training and moved in with me December 2010 and finished her BSN.

So. It was a small wedding. Me, The Bride, an officiant, The Bride's former boss, her former coworker (who still works for that boss) and her husband, and my boss. There's this little park thingy that looks like it's set up with a stage and a sunken viewing area in Blaine. You can see the marina and Drayton Harbor from there. (Fortunately the tide was in, so it's prettier than the Google picture.) We gathered in the 'stage' area and had a generic ceremony. (She's Christian, and I'm Heathen.) Photos were taken (with the sun in my eyes, dammit!) and then we went across the street to the steak house for some really excellent bacon-wrapped filet mignon.

Funny thing about her ring that I may as well share. We were engaged for a few months in 2004. My mom was dying at the time, and she gave me her wedding ring (from her second husband) to give to The Wife. Anyway a couple of months ago, when we decided to get married, I mentioned that my mom said the ring cost $13,000. The Wife-To-Be had to have it re-sized and the two rings made into one, and I asked her to have it appraised so I could put it on the insurance. She chided me when she got the ring back that she had to pay $360 for everything. She brought back two copies of the appraisal, and we read them together. She read out loud. She read the weight (1.13 ct.), the description, etc. When she got to the appraised value she read '"Appraise value ten thou..." Ten thousand, six hundred dollars?' See, when I said my mom said it cost $13,000, she thought I said thirteen hundred. She had no idea it was a five-figure ring. (Incidentally, the jeweler told me that diamonds were going through the roof in the '80s, so that's why the current appraised value is lower than the purchase price was.)

The Wife loves the ring (for itself, not the price), and jokes 'And it didn't cost you a penny!' I retort, 'Nope. It only cost my mother's life!' "p
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And pictures. Gotta have pictures.
Someone took some photos with The Wife's smartphone, the officiant took some photos, and my boss took some. I'll post one/some when I get them.