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Originally Posted by jtur88 View Post
In the past year, I've completely turned my life around. Legally blind for 30 years with continuously diminishing eyesight, I had given up my passion for traveling, and pretty much stayed home for the past 20 years. Then, a year ago, I finally broke down and started walking with a white cane, which I found to be tremendously liberating. I started to realize that I could do things that I had given up doing, particularly traveling.

So last summer (at age 76), I started looking at airline fares, and booked a flight, all by myself, to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Just got off the plane and started winging it. Took a minivan to Karakol, near the border with China, and checked into a hostel. Fell in love with the place. Since then I've been to sixteen countries, ten of them that I'd never been to before, from Moldova to Cambodia. Siam Sam, I was in Bangkok a week ago.

I do still have some vision, so I can be visually aware of my surroundings, but not perceptive of details.
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