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Ah... the name is Booty Judge, baby!

Maltese language is so interesting. It's the last surviving form of the Arabic spoken in Sicily a thousand years ago. It's basically North African Arabic dialect in Sicilian-Italian based orthography and loaded up with tons of Italian loanwords.

The name Buttiġieġ is definitely of Arabic origin, but because it's dialectal it's kind of opaque to my Classical Arabic learning.

I analyze it as Bu = father, plus a probable verbal noun *ittijāj derived from the root ’jj 'to burn, blaze, flame'. Father of Blazing, perhaps. I could be wrong, but that's the only Arabic root I've found that could result in the Maltese orthography -ttiġieġ. The ġ with a dot over it indicates the alveolopalatal affricate /dʒ/ and relates to the Italian g when it comes before e or i, as in Geppetto or Gina.