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Originally Posted by snoe View Post
Your lack of a clearer picture of his candidacy is not surprising, and I’m not taking a swipe at you there, Shodan — he’s a bottom-of-the-second-tier candidate at best, and hasn’t gotten a lot of coverage. (He’s still fundraising on the “give me $3 so I can qualify to get in the debates” message, I believe.)
Here are some reasons he’s near the top of my list, and that I gave him that three bucks this morning:
1) he sounds smart and honest when he speaks, especially when interviewed. (Low bar? Maybe, but people have trouble clearing it.) He’s a natural born vote-winner in the way Obama was, IMHO. Shallow reason? Sure.
2) He’s thoughtful and open-minded in discussing policy. Vox interviewed him at SXSW — Apple link here or look for The Weeds podcast on your platform. Answers on policy questions seem nuanced, not programmatic or calculated.
3) He’s future-oriented. Concerned about automation->job loss and climate change.
4) He’s willing to look at bold solutions. For example, he and Warren are (I believe) the strongest anti-filibuster voices in the field — which, if you’re serious about making big policy, is the right stance to take.
5) he seems like a fundamentally decent person. See his letter to local Muslims after Christchurch:
6) if he gets the VP nod, I’d love to see him debate Pence.

So, Shodan, I look forward to not hearing about how he’s just an identity politics candidate anymore. (NB: in the DemocratIC Party, “gay white man” is not an identity that is going to swing the biggest vote blocs.)
A week or so ago I turned on the radio in the car and heard an interview in progress, not knowing who it was talking.

Dang, I thought, who is this guy? Impressive! Then I found out that yes it was Mayor Pete.

Again, dang, I thought. This time about the shame that he has no chance.