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Another song from the same era or thereabouts that pulls a similar trick is "Things We Said Today" by the Beatles. The verses are mostly a hypnotic Am-Em strum, and when the B section kicks in (not really a conventional chorus, more like a bridge), it modulates into a rocking A major progression.

Actually, that song does contain one of my favorite harmonic moments, when the Am-Em strum is broken up by the line "someday when I'm lonely wishing you weren't so far away," I always get a little shiver from the change in mood that chord progression brings to the song (along with the chromatic melody decent on the first half of that line.) I just love the harmonic "color" there.

The first thought that came to me is the little paradiddle-esque drum fill on "Sultans of Swing" after the verse "And says at last just as the time bell rings". Ever since I first heard that song back in high school or earlier, that fill has always tickled me.