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iiandyiii, a few thoughts and questions -

1. Do you believe that those who are capable of serving in uniform, but did not, outside of your scenario here, are somewhat less honorable, courageous, patriotic, or whatever attribute you may choose to name, than those who did?
2. I understand that roughly 75% of young Americans are unfit for military service due to criminal backgrounds, health/obesity, drug use, educational background, and other factors. Do you think society is going to change its attitudes toward war by isolating the 25% of Americans who are fit to serve, and shaming a certain portion of them to oppose wars of choice? In other words, donít the vast majority of Americans have an easy out for being called cowards?
3. Why not just stigmatize the fetishistic view this country has toward violence generally? That if successful would seem to be fruitful in reducing the support for wars of choice, and also the violence we see on our streets and in so many homes - from gun violence to bar fights to child abuse.