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Originally Posted by E-DUB View Post
Unlike TZ however, there's not a one I'd want to watch again, (except Callister).
I can only think of two or three TZ episodes that I can rewatch the whole way through. Doesn't mean that the ones I don't want to rewatch aren't any good, though. It's just that once I know the "twist" (the lady is actually manniquen, pignosed people are actually beautiful, the nuclear bomb is really a false alarm, the astronauts were on Earth all along...), I've got to forget most of the episode for me to be moved to see it again.

Like, I loved San Juperino, but I have no interest in seeing it again anytime soon. Maybe a couple of years ago I will, once I've forgotten how it ends. But right now the "twist" is still fresh in my memory. The same with all the other BM episodes that I really like.