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Originally Posted by monstro View Post
I can only think of two or three TZ episodes that I can rewatch the whole way through. Doesn't mean that the ones I don't want to rewatch aren't any good, though. It's just that once I know the "twist" (the lady is actually manniquen, pignosed people are actually beautiful, the nuclear bomb is really a false alarm, the astronauts were on Earth all along...), I've got to forget most of the episode for me to be moved to see it again.

Like, I loved San Juperino, but I have no interest in seeing it again anytime soon. Maybe a couple of years ago I will, once I've forgotten how it ends. But right now the "twist" is still fresh in my memory. The same with all the other BM episodes that I really like.
That's what makes it particularly rewatchable for me. After you discover the "twist," rewatching it with that knowledge in mind opens up other details (and your interpretation thereof) earlier in the episode. The second viewing is different than the first, and I find I come away with slightly different understanding of the episode after a rewatch with full plot knowledge.