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I find myself asking the question in the OP title often while watching the show. I have to gear myself up and be in a good place emotionally before I sit down to watch because this show can fuck you up if you go in unprepared. Hang The Dj is the last episode I've watched. I will go back and watch them all. . . just give me time.

And, just to be different from everyone else, one of my favorite episodes is Crocodile. Many, many hate it because they think it is intentionally cruel and the last 'twist' was uncalled for. But watching how that seemingly ordinary-- even exceptional by some standards-- woman becomes a monster is amazing. And that last scene as she watches her son's school play is just, well-- one of my favorite episodes.

So I don't leave anyone thinking I'm a cruel monster, my favorite second episode is San Juperino. What? A happy ending? In MY Black Mirror?