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Originally Posted by Inigo Montoya View Post
This. Some folks don't have the intestinal fortitude to think about the sorts of social horrors that are already at our doorstep, and this show isn't for them. Other folks do have the courage to contemplate how bad things can get, and maybe to make changes to prevent/mitigate those kinds of situations. Not everything worthwhile is pleasant.
It has nothing to do with "pleasant." The first episode doesn't really have the same tone as the rest of the episodes. It struck me more as absurd comedy a la Delicatessen or something of that nature, but the rest of the series isn't really like that. For me, that just wasn't a particularly insightful episode. It didn't make me think as much as the rest of the series has. (But it wasn't as bad as something like "The Waldo Moment." But, of the first three seasons, it was easily the second worst episode to my tastes.) I mean, I'm all for pig-fucking in TV series--that doesn't squick me out. But is it done for good purpose? I didn't think so.

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