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Up for reals, and reeeeeeal happy about it... Dishwasher has been loaded, critters have been tended to, and I'm having an egg sammich.

We got some good news from the local electric co-op - getting power to the new workshop will be cheaper than we'd anticipated, so yay! The main trunk runs along our side fence, no more than a dozen feet from the build site. They'll put in a transformer, then run the juice straight to the side wall. Plus it can be done near the end of the fence, meaning we just have to disconnect and roll back one section of chain link - no cutting involved. YAAAY!

FCD's folks are planning to drive to Indianapolis from Ocala, probably Moanday, depending on weather. They're the only ones from what's left of their sibs who live away from Indy and I guess they want to go see the few who remain while they're still alive. FIL is on new Parkinson's meds that seem to be having a really good effect on him, so huzzah for that!

Meanwhile, we're waiting for our snow to hit - the greatest part is supposed to fall tonight, with a possible 6" in all. Here's hoping their estimate is too high. But I still have laundry to do, and I'll probably dust the ceiling fans and vacuum later. Good times!