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Originally Posted by Son of a Rich View Post
Aren't arguments for the ark's seaworthiness/ floatability sort of Biblical fanwanking? If you believe in the god of the OT, nothing really needs to be explained- God kept the animals in food, calmed the waters, stopped the boat from leaking, etc.
Of course it's like fanwanking. Not unlike deliberating if the Millennium Falcon (of which we have more stringent design plant on compared to Noah's ark), could really make the Kessel run in under 9 parsecs, despite the fact a parsec is a measure of distance.

Example fanwank: Well, perhaps the Kessel Run is an infamous smuggling run, from point A to Point B. That course is determined by your strategy of which routes, the inherent dangers of choosing which route(s) as the shortcuts found are usually the most heavily guarded, too remote if something goes wrong, or impassable by circumstance, like a nebula or something.

Then again, they asked him if the ship was fast, not if he was cunning. But he was both and the Empire was defeated.

...And then God invented the rainbow, and Lucas didn't know what the fuck a parsec was.

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