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Exactly! I remember during the trial visiting a friend in FLa and I mentioned Trayvon and his right to defend himself. I was blindsided when my friends husband who up to that point was his typical quiet self turned on me and defended Zimmerman vehemently against the little potsmoking thug. Wo wo wo, I turned on him and said what would you have Trayvon do, what would you have any of us do, your wife or daughter if they were being followed and acosted by a stranger? I asked him what if the stranger had a gun? what would you do? I told him i would take my middled aged ass who harbors enough resentment and rage towards strange men who acost me in the dark and I would turn banshee and jump that motherfucker before he popped a bullet in my head. You might find me hammering zimmermans damn head against the pavement too. Lets ask Trayvon what happened, oh we can't because he's dead. Lets ask Georgie, can't ask him he didn't take the stand.

That shut my host down, and shut down the argument but i didn't change his mind.
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