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Originally Posted by Richard Parker View Post
... So when I see people come in with metaphysical certainty about one version of the story or another, I just kinda shake my head....
Which part of my version is uncertain?
(1) Zimmerman was a wannabe cop, self-appointed protector of the neighborhood. IIRC he'd applied to be police; police said "No thanks."
(2) Zimmerman called the cops on Martin, and was advised NOT to follow Martin. (That's "NOT" with an N.)
(3) Zimmerman followed Martin anyway, with a concealed handgun.
(4) Zimmerman's behavior alarmed or upset Martin, as Martin reported via telephone.
(5) When this super-star vigilante hero was confronted by his "suspect," he was unable to talk or fight his way out, and instead delivered a fatal gun shot.

Which one of these statements do you shake your head at, Richard?

I can't be bothered to study Florida Case Law to determine a precise definition of "murder." IIUC, there are "depraved heart" rulings to criminalize behavior like Zimmerturd's.