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Cricket----if a batsman, you could wait for hours before getting a turn at the wicket, only to be possibly eliminated with one bowl. As a fielder, you stand there for HOURS, and have to catch fly balls with your bare hands. Exception: You get to wear cool hats.

Baseball-----lets see. Your are either a pitcher and risk getting your arm blown out by the age of 21. Or you are a batter dodging 95mph fastballs bear your head. Or a fielder who gets to look up in the sun while trying to handle a flying 76mm baseball cascading at you. Wheres the fun come in? Exception: Highest paid athletes in North America!
Cricketers get all the baseball stuff as well, excpet the bowler is permitted to hit you. Repeatedly.

As a cricket fan, there are few more beautiful sights then when a bowler starts to dominate a batsman. You see his it in his eyes that he'd rather be anywhere else.
Unless its someone from **your** team.