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I don't know... football was a LOT of fun in middle and high school. Then again, I always liked contact sports, and being a lineman is somewhere between sumo wrestling, fighting in a shield wall and martial arts in a lot of ways. It was you vs. the other guy each play, and one of you was going to prevail. It's surprisingly primal. Plus, there's a team aspect to it that few other sports I ever played had- one player can't carry a team like they can in basketball, and it's not as.... individually oriented as baseball. Basically every play requires all eleven players to execute their assignments properly, or else it doesn't work. Even soccer may have a completely awesome sequence of events that results in a goal where only maybe half the players from the scoring team are even oriented to receive a pass/make a shot.

The protective equipment is a lot less cumbersome than you might think as well.

I always found basketball to be a lot of fun to just play at any level- playing HORSE, pickup half-court two-on-two, organized full court 5v5, you name it.