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During the 1970s I attended about ten doubleheaders, all single-admission. Almost all involved the Cubs; the other was White Sox at home against the Twins. I went to maybe four more in the eighties, but none since 1987. By then doubleheaders were considerably less common. It;s also true that I became a father in 1986.

I definitely enjoyed the DHs, and I always felt like I was making out like a bandit by getting two games for the price of one (especially when I reached my teens, about 1974, and started going to games on my own sometimes, in which case I was responsible for paying for the ticket myself).

I don't know that I would have the stomach for them now, though. Games are just too long and I have too many other things to do. Someone I know went to the Phillies-Mets game last Sunday and reported that the game took 4 and a half hours (9 innings, yeeks). I looked up a couple of the early doubleheaders I'd seen and found that the two games together didn't last that long.

--Doubleheader games are just seven innings long in the minors, and I have seen the first games of several MiLB doubleheaders over the years, but never stayed for game 2. Just too much of a time commitment. Oh well.