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Originally Posted by Qadgop the Mercotan View Post
This is a complex area. Chemical control is frowned upon, and the benefit to the patient must exceed the risks, without regards to the effect the behavior has on the caretakers. Of course, risk of harm to caretakers must be minimized, but other means should be exhausted first.
As I said, she physically attacked people (fortunately not her caretakers), and would also would try to get down the stairs, which if she had fallen would have been the end of her. When I was minding her overnight I had to keep the door to my bedroom locked. And she was in constant mental agony about the babies she thought were being tortured. She would spend hours screaming out the window in the middle of the night for the police to come and rescue them.

I'm well aware of these issues. My father was a sometimes violent schizophrenic. Once more effective anti-psychotics came along, I think his life and the lives of those who had to deal with him vastly improved.