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Originally Posted by sangfroid View Post
Welcome back, SFC Schwartz.

Unless I'm reading wrong, it appears congratulations are in order on your promotion. (E-7, yes?)

Given the necessarily tight relationship between politics (and politicians) and the US military, have you ever come across an inmate that was "railroaded" into prison for failing to comply with orders that conflicted with generally accepted military standards of behavior? I'm referring to Abu Ghraib type stuff here.

Someone, somewhere, ordered or was functionally responsible for overseeing the behavior of the line staff at that in-theater operation. Typically, the fall guys seem to be low-level operatives when these things come to light. Sometimes, they really are bad guys, I guess.


And, thanks for sharing your experiences...
Yes, I did get promoted last year, thank-you for noticing.

In answer to your question, I have not seen anyone railroaded into prison for failing to comply with orders or even accepted behavior. I have seen two examples in which direct leadership was responsible for getting their Soldiers sent to prison.

As I have said before, I can't get into specifics, and I am afraid this will turn into another debate of semantics, but in the first case I worked with, the direct leadership know the right thing to do with detainees, and asked for volunteers to assist in the murder of detainees. All involved with the murders were sent to prison or given a Bad Conduct Discharge. The leadership who suggested it was sentenced to prison.

In another case, the leader chose to threaten his Soldiers with killing them if they refused to participate in the murders. The leader was sent to prison with a life sentence and those involved got a lesser sentence if they got prison time at all.

So, it seems to me, more likely that if a leader tried to get another Soldier to commit crimes for him, the leader would be more likely to do serious time. The Soldier, if he complied may only get a discharge.

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