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Greetings from the Netherlands! I have read both of your threads and I found them very interesting. Thanks for letting us ask you questions!

My question -- Has it ever happened that a guard abuses his or her authority and mistreats inmates in any of your prisons? How are they disciplined in such a case? (I imagine that it may have happened -- However, I also imagine that it likely is a rare occurrence).

(This came into my mind because I remembered what happened to my father after the Spanish Civil War was over, and he was sent to military prison basically for having been in the losing side. His experiences were... not pretty).

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I was talking with a former NCOIC of the USDB (NCOIC, in case you didn't know is the guy in charge of the day to day operations of the facility). Back many years ago, to get sentenced to Leavenworth was a scary. Now, not so much. Sure there are some young correctional staff (we don't call them guards anymore) who like to write up the inmates on minor offenses, but there is no abuse from the staff. If anyone does abuse an inmate, he or she would get punished. The punishment would range from having to teach a class on how to properly interact with inmates (if you told an inmate to f**k off) up to going to jail (if you struck an inmate for no reason.) The most common reaction to a serious violation of conduct by the staff is to revoke the staff member's badge until the investigation is completed. If the charges of abuse, cruelty or mistreatment are unfounded, the badge is returned. If they are founded, the badge may be permanently revoked or charges filed.

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After you had dropped off the face of the earth I was afraid you had gotten in trouble for the last thread.
Yeah, sorry. I was in over my head when I first started and did not have the proper mindset to come on here.

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Welcome back and congrats on the promotion.

Do you see a significant amount of certain MOSs in prison? Not to pick on the 11Bs but are there more infantry than finance clerks or another non-combat arms MOS, for instance?

You may have touched on this in your last thread and I'd have to look back if you did, but what are the differences between putting officers and enlisted in prison? Both are busted down but they're separated, right?


There is a really wide variety of MOS's and AFOC's and rates. It really seems as though the job does not make a big difference to whether the person is an inmate. I have seen everything from a personnel specialist charged with pre-meditated murder to Infantry guys charged with selling drugs. Granted, I have not seen any finance clerks confined, but I have seen cooks and truck drivers.

Officers and enlisted are housed in the same housing units when they get to the USDB. Both lose all rank while they are confined. Sometimes Officers have an easier time being placed in charge of the housing units because they have been in a leadership position before and are used to the responsibility. Some of the Officers still try to maintain their rank when they are confined. The biggest difference between the two is that the Enlisted that are confined usually look for a leader while they Officers think they are the leader.

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